Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Blog

Just over one month ago, I was sitting across from Jonathan Maberry in the busy cafe of a local bookstore.  I had a cup of soup and a half sandwich before me and was becoming more and more excited about his proposal.

I would start a blog.  No, it wouldn't be filled with my random musings or made-up writing activities (like my other blog).  Rather, the new blog would be focused on authors and their craft and the format would be interviews.  His proposal was elegant:

Start a blog.  -  Reach out to authors.  -  Offer them free publicity in exchange for a simple interview.

I agreed right away that this sounded like loads of fun.  Not only would it help build connections but it would also encourage explorations within the genres of horror and speculative fiction.  I am a librarian at heart (and in profession) and connecting readers to authors and ideas is what I do best.

This blog proposal was a merging of my two worlds: professional librarian and life-long writer.  I hope visitors will enjoy it as much as I do.

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