Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dacre Stoker Interview

Please describe your creative process.  How do you go from idea to completed novel?  (Can you tell us a little about the creative process with a co-author?)
After plenty of brainstorming, and digging thru Bram’s old notes, we both agreed on a general plot. Ian had a basic premise that our Dracula character would be a “merged” Dracula, a combination of the old school “revenant”  type vampire and the modern Vlad Dracula style of Count Dracula. We then divided up our four subplots equally between us, and then we started writing on our own. We created a master layout so we could adhere to a unified plan; this helped us coordinate our subplots and characters' movements thru pivotal events in the story. From time to time we exchanged writing assignments so our styles would blend easier.  I also cannot understate the importance in Dracula the Un-Dead of our historic researcher, who assisted us by placing the characters and events in the correct and accurate locations so our story had an authentic feel to it.

How does your past experience as a professional athlete inform your writing (or style)?
My athletic background was twofold; first as an athlete then as a coach,  and both influenced my writing efforts. As an athlete I learned perseverance and dedication, nothing comes easily, hard work pays off. These two qualities were very important during my writing. Secondly as a coach, I needed to create a timeline, sort of like a “game” plan, with attainable goals for both of us. This was very important for two writers working together on a singular project.

What are you working on right now?
I have a few projects in the works; they involve fictional and non-fictional works surrounding the mysteries behind Bram Stoker and his writing of Dracula. I give lectures with Power Point visuals to illustrate the many interesting issues that contributed to Bram’s writing of Dracula.

List five things that are on your writing desk right now.
·      Two outlines for Power Point presentations that I am working on for exhibits about the Vampire, one in Milan Italy and also for one in Scranton, Pennsylvania
·      A revision for a course outline that I am teaching on Blood Born Pathogens to combine with my CPR and First Aid classes this month
·      A book review for Publishers Weekly on a new Vampire book dealing with Bram Stoker’s Manuscript
·      Notes on a treatment for a film script (sorry can’t release the name yet)

What are you reading this month?
Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants

What would surprise your readers to know about yourself?
I am a professional instructor of Fly Fishing and also of the very unique sport of Court Tennis.  

Thanks, Dacre!

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