Friday, September 20, 2013

In Hot Water

Well, this time I've really done it...and now I'm in hot water. 

Check it out: Horror Librarian Gets Boiled

The delightful Mr. Patrick Freivald, author of Twice Shy and fellow HWA member offers his editorial comments on the first 500 words of a short story he reviewed for me. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

MOOC to feature The Walking Dead

How do you get thousands of people excited about an online course in math, physics, and public health that will not earn them formal credit or any kind of certificate?

First, make it a MOOC [massive open online course].
Second, make the central text a popular TV show.
Third, add zombies.

This is a really fun concept that University of California at Irvine is rolling out this fall.  Professors teach math and physics concepts via Walking Dead examples.  For example, mathematical modeling is demonstrated via the Center for Disease Control's infectious disease containment procedures.

Read the full article here.  And take a look at the course here: Society, Science, and Survival.