Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Livia Lewellyn Bio

This week's special guest is...Livia Lewellyn!

This month, not only are we raving about the current Gamut Kickstarter (learn more here), but we are also celebrating Women in Horror Month (learn more here). I'm beyond thrilled to have Livia Lewellyn on The Horror Librarian this week!

In her own words...

Long ago, in another millennia, I was born at the icy edges of Anchorage, Alaska and spent my childhood in the quiet woods of the Pacific Northwest. And now, in this early sliver of the new thousand year era, I am a tiny speck in a frenetic East Coast megalopolis that is one of the centers of the human world. I’m not quite sure how that happened….By day I’m a secretary. I file papers, create spreadsheets, update calendars, weep in the restroom stalls — the usual secretarial things.

At night, I write about lonely girls who sing to colossal sentient engines born of Tesla’s secret journals, long-horned demons lost in endless tracts of suburbia, giant biomechanical insects and their sassy female charges, mothers who are good monsters, monsters who are good mothers, the mysterious labyrinth of human-&-creature couplings, the joys of solitude and the horror of the broken heart.

This website is my home online, where I talk about apartment ants (too many), black coffee in bed (too little), and beer & cheese & dogs (never enough!). At this moment, I’m probably covered in bees.

Visit Livia online at: http://liviallewellyn.com/ 

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